Pre-conference field trip:
4th - 7th July
The trip eastward from Tallinn will take us to the Lower Cambrian outcrop with one of the earliest trilobite faunas in the World, and to several localities through the Ordovician succession to examine the trilobite associations in highly stratified near-shore limestones of the temperate climate, the extremely diverse fauna in organic rich oil-shale, and those occurring in the End Ordovician reef sediments.

  • Saviranna Cliff
  • Maardu Quarry
  • Jägala Waterfall
  • Lontova Quarry, Kunda
  • Ubja Quarry
  • Aluvere Quarry
  • Valaste Waterfall
  • Narva Quarry
  • Porkuni Quarry
  • Karinu Quarry

We will visit Kunda, the hometown of Armin Öpik (1898-1983) and the Tartu University buildings (including the Natural History Museum and the trilobite exhibition), where he worked before the war forced him to leave for Australia. We will face Russia on the river banks of the border town Narva and visit the Narva Castle, and see the small convent in Kuremäe in addition to the modern mining museum in Kohtla-Nõmme. We will stretch our legs at one of the points of Struve's Geodetic Arc near the Võivere windmill on our way back to Tallinn for the Ice-breaker.