Post-conference field trip: 
11th - 15th July
The trip westward from Tallinn will take us to the Upper Ordovician and Silurian localities on the mainland, also the popular tourist islands of Hiiumaa, Saaremaa and Muhumaa. We will study differences between trilobite associations of the late Ordovician and early Silurian reefs and see poorly recovered low diverse trilobite fauna of various facies types. With luck you might find eurypterids.
  • Vasalemma quarry
  • Keibu Ristna beach
  • Paluküla quarry
  • Hilliste quarry
  • Sarve beach
  • Paramaja and Jaani beach
  • Pulli cliff
  • Tagavere quarry
  • Kogula quarry
  • Viita trench
  • Soeginina or Katri cliff
  • Kaugatoma cliff
  • Ohessaare cliff
  • Kudjape
We shall also learn about three impact craters of Neugrund, Kärdla and Kaali during our journey. On Hiiumaa island we will stop to see the manor house of Suuremõisa, where Schmidt and his companions were honoured in 1897, while on Saaremaa, the medieval castle of Kuressaare can be examined together with the birth place of the great explorer Fabian Gottlieb Thaddeus von Bellingshausen (1778-1852).