Intra-conference excursion:
The conference field session will include the Cambrian trace fossils in Rocca al Mare Open Air Museum and Ordovician trilobite distribution in the Paldiski Cliff and the Suhkrumägi Cliff adjacent to the venue where the Tallinn Song Festival is held. 
The Estonian Open Air Museum is showcasing the country's rural architecture and way of life in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. We are going to enjoy a small walking tour just after the traditional country style lunch in the Kolu Tavern and some of you may like to buy some Estonian handicrafts available in the Museum shop.

Conference Dinner:
Grand final of the day takes us back - no, not to the Paleo Diet Food - but to the authentic Hansa-era meals and drinks, including many wild game delicacies and vegetables cooked using 15th century recipes and methods. The Conference Dinner, served in the medieval restaurant Olde Hansa will be accompanied by the music of that time.