Trilobite field trips will follow in the footsteps of Carl Friedrich Schmidt (1832-1908) who, in 1897, guided in Estonia, one of the field excursions organised for the International Geological Congress held in St. Petersburg.
Above the participants are gathered in front of the ruins of the Tartu Cathedral which was renovated partly to house the University Library at that time. People standing are (from left): Kuznetsov, Ph. Lake, J. Wysogorski, Fr.v. Huene, C. Gagel, A. Mickwitz, Rosenberg, J.P.J. Rawn (M. Ravn - Copenhagen), E. Stolley, unknown 1, unknown 2, F.Yu. Levinson-Lessing. People sitting are: N. Andrussov, A. Rothpletz, J. Lemberg, H.G. Suley, Fr. Schmidt, A. Remelé, L. Törnquist, A. André, Dr. G. Holm, F. Gebauer, W. Deecke, C. Gottsche, and on ground are laying F.A. Bather, Bamberg, unknown 3, (candidates for unknown persons: prof Felix, prof Hughes, prof Seeley, prof Malaise and colonel Schewyrew).